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I am trying to earn enough money to move Going Home to a domain where the pages aren't taken over by banner ads. In order to do this, I'm offering several recipes that have been handed down through the years. They won't be found on the internet.

My hot roll recipe requires no kneading and has made bakers out of everyone who's tried it. The pound cake recipe makes a large cake and will end the idea that pound cakes are dry. This will be a huge hit with your family. Also included is a lemon meringue pie that has been called the "best lemon pie ever". Anyone in the family like chocolate cake and brownies? This recipe is made like a cake but with the moist,nutty texture of a brownie. Another people pleaser.

If you're interested, the recipe page is $5.00. You can contact me at tinyt55@sbcglobal.net for details. The recipes can be made available to you online or printed out for regular mailing.

Thank you for your support over the years,

Recipe Pages
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Basic Recipes

Crockpot Index--features meat,veggie,desserts,etc.

Pressure Cooker Recipes




Sweet Potato recipes

Taters--(potatoes to you fur'ners)

The Recipe Box--Recipes sent in by readers.Add your own.

Vegetables and Side Dishes--(okay,so we didn't know how to classify some of 'um so we jest called them side dishes)

Beef--this is another page that vanished. Will be back soon



Bread recipes:
Biscuits--a staple in homes years ago

Breads--yeast bread,rolls,etc.


Cornbread--backbone of the mountains and the south

Dessert recipes:

Cakes--Mostly treasured old recipes made for generations. Includes butter and poundcake recipes
Chocolate Cake Recipes
Vintage Cake Recipes
Holiday Cake Recipes
Swans Down Cake FlourCakes--The majority have been lost.What's left have been restored.
Cake Frostings

Candy--A nice selection of candy recipes that have been around a long time.


Cookie recipes

Cupcakes and Muffins

Jello Desserts 

Pie recipes A-M

Pie Recipes M-N


Puddings and custards recipes

Wildgame Recipes-
(ssh! My critters don't know about this here page)
Other pages
Click on the name and we're off like a herd of turtles
Herbs--meanings and superstitions surrounding herbs
Hillbilly Holler--tidbits from visitors
Home Remedies--ways of healing from long ago
Links:links that will offer a lot of goodies for your page or viewing
Memorial to Mom and Dad:a tribute to my parents
Mountain Memories:old timey recipes(about 30 so far)
Mountain Memories2:old timey handicrafts
Mountain Memories3:early pioneering ways 
Mountain Memories4: Grey Squirrel ,The Storyteller,shares with us.
Mountain Memories 5:Grey Squirrel --history lessons of long ago.
Mountain Memories6:wild plant recipes
Mountain Memories7:just dandelion recipes

Superstitions:loads of information (hope ya have a sense of humor)
Superstitions II--superstitions sent by visitors
Southern Terms:hillbilly language
Southern Terms part 2:redneck humor
Southern Terms part 3:yankee humor and goofy stuff
Tips-- cooking



My Home Town--proud to be a coalminer's daughter and my hometown


I thank each of you who share this website with your family and friends.


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