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Old-Fashioned Apple Pie Filling
Old Fashioned Cream Pie
Old Fashioned Raisin Pie
Old Home Peanut Pie
Old Time Molasses Pie
Old Timey Dried Peach Custard Pie
Orange Meringue Pie
Paw Paw Pie
Peanut Butter Cream Pie
Peanut Butter Pie w/ Chocolate Crust
Pecan Pies-Cream
Pear Pie
Pennsylvania Dutch Shoo-fly Pie
Pineapple Meringue Pie
Pineapple Split Pie
Pioneer Elderberry Pie
Pioneer Vinegar Pie
Poor Man's Pecan Pie
Raisin Cream Pie
Sawdust Pie
Snicker's Pie
Sour Cream Apple Pie
Southern Cream Apple Pie
Southern Peanut Butter Pie
Squash Pie
Strawberry Glace Pie
Strawberry Patch Pie
Strawberry Pie
Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie 1
Sugar Pie
Sweet Potato Pie 
Tex Tater's Sweet Potato Cream Pie
Tired Mama's Pie
Turtle Pie
Two Crust Fresh Lemon Pie
Vintage recipe--Sweet Potato Pie
Watkins Peach Pie
Walnut Cream Pie 
Yellow Squash Pie
Zucchini Pie


Walnut Cream Pie 

8 ounces cream cheese, softened
14 oz. sweetened condensed milk
3/4 c. cold water
1 4-oz. pkg. vanilla pudding mix
1 c. heavy whipping cream
1 c. broken pecan or walnut pieces, lightly toasted
1 graham cracker pie crust

In a large bowl, combine condensed milk and cream cheese, beating on
medium speed until smooth. Add water and pudding mix, mixing well.
Wash beaters. In a small bowl, beat whipping cream on high speed
until soft peaks form. Gently fold whipped cream and 3/4 cups of the
nutmeats into the other ingredients.
Pour into pie shell, mounding gently. Garnish with remaining nuts.
Chill for at least 2 hours before serving.
Yield: 1 - 9 inch pie

Poor Man's Pecan Pie

1 c. dark corn syrup
1 c. sugar
1 c. quick cooking rolled oats
1/2 c. melted margarine
2 eggs, beaten
1/2 c. walnuts
unbaked 9-inch pie shell

Mix all of the ingredients. Pour into unbaked pie shell. Bake at 350 ° for 50 minutes.
This pie was decorated with whipping cream stars around the rim of the pie pan. This is very sweet , rich and really tastes like the real pecan pie.

Tired Mama's Pie

1 can apple pie filling
1 (No. 2) can crushed pineapple
1 box yellow cake mix
2 sticks butter
1/2 c. chopped nuts
1/4 to 1/2 c. coconut

Mix pie filling and pineapple in bottom of 9 x 13-inch cake pan. Sprinkle dry
cake mix over pie filling and pineapple. Melt
butter and pour evenly over cake mix. Sprinkle nuts
and coconut over butter. Cover with foil and bake at 325° for
1 1/2 hours. Serve with ice cream, whipped cream, cream or

Tex Tater's Sweet Potato Cream Pie
(Texas Sweet Potato Council & Texas Department of Agriculture)

2 c. Texas Sweet Potatoes, mashed
1/2 tsp. nutmeg
1 (14 oz.) can sweetened condensed milk
1 (9") unbaked pastry shell
2 eggs, at room temperature
1 c. heavy whipped cream
1/2 tsp. salt
3/4 c. pecans, chopped
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
whipped cream & pecans for garnish
1/2 tsp. ginger

Combine sweet potatoes, milk, eggs, salt and spices and beat until smooth. Pour
mixture into pastry shell and bake at 425 ° F. for 15 minutes. Reduce
temperature to 350 ° F. and continue baking for 25 to 30 minutes or until knife
inserted in center comes out  clean. Cool and garnish with whipped cream and chopped nuts.(Refrigerate prior to serving).

Yellow Squash Pie

2 c, yellow squash, cooked and drained well
4 whole eggs, lightly blended
1 c. granulated sugar
4 tbs. lemon extract
9-inch pie plate

Cook enough yellow squash to equal 2 full cups cooked
and drained. In mixing bowl, put squash, eggs and sugar; stir.
Do not beat; add lemon extract. Pour in lightly buttered pie
plate. Bake approximately 40 minutes at 350 ° or until pie is
custard consistency. Cool. Serve cold. Tastes like lemon custard.

Watkins Peach Pie

3 1/2 c. ripe sliced peaches
3 tbs. flour
2/3 c. sugar
little salt

Sift dry ingredients and mix with peaches, pour into lined
pastry tin.  Cover with top crust with opening for steam to
escape.  Press edges together, flute and trim.  Bake in
moderate quick oven about 30 to 35 minutes.

Cream Pecan Pies

4 eggs
1 1/2 c. sugar
1 1/2 c. milk
1 1/2 c. pecans
3 tbs. flour or cornstarch
1 tsp. vanilla
dash of salt
1 tbs. butter

Beat egg yolks and dash of salt; add sugar and flour.Add milk, a little at a time. Cream well; cook until thick enough. Add pecans and vanilla; pour in pie shells. Beat egg whites. Bake at 375 ° until done. Makes 2 pies.

From Jo
Newsgroups: rec.food.preserving

Pioneer Elderberry Pie from Farm Journal's Complete Pie Book

Pastry for 2-crust pie
3 1/2 c. washed. stemmed elderberries
1 tbs. vinegar or lemon juice
1 c. sugar
1/4 tsp. salt
1/3 c. flour
1 tbs. butter or margarine

Spread elderberries in a pastry lined 9" pie pan.  Sprinkle with vinegar (or lemon juice).

Combine sugar, salt and flour; sprinkle over berries.  Dot with butter.
Adjust top crust and flute edges; cut vents.  Bake in hot oven (400° F.) 35 to 45 minutes, or until juices show in vents and crust is golden brown.

Note:  Use a wide tooth comb to strip elderberries from their stems.   (I
used the tines of a fork...but the comb idea sounds better.) Jo

Old-Fashioned Apple Pie Filling

7 c. McIntosh apples, peeled, cored and thinly sliced
1 c. granulated sugar
1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp. ground nutmeg
2 tbs. unbleached all-purpose flour
1 tbs. unsalted butter

To make the pie: Preheat oven to 425°F

To make the filling, combine the apples, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and flour in a large mixing bowl and toss well to coat the apples evenly.
Mound the filling into the pie shell. Dot the top with the butter cut into small bits.

Roll out the remaining disc of pastry into an 11-inch circle.Place over the apples and trim and crimp the pastry edges together decoratively.
Brush the milk lightly and evenly over the top crust and then sprinkle with the sugar. Using a sharp paring knife, cut 4 or 5 slits into the top crust to allow steam to escape during baking.

Bake the pie until the crust is golden brown, 40 to 45 minutes. Serve the pie warm or at room temperature.

To serve the pie, cut it into wedges and top each serving with a scoop of the coconut ice cream. Drizzle the butterscotch sauce in back and forth motions over both the pie and ice cream. Serve at once.

Makes 8 servings. Pie per serving: 490 calories, 4 g protein, 22 g fat, 71 g carbohydrate, 18 mg sodium, 4 mg cholesterol.

Rich Butterscotch Drizzle:

6 tbs. unsalted butter
1 c. packed dark brown sugar
1/3 c. dark corn syrup
1/2 c. heavy cream
1 tsp. vanilla extract

*To make the Rich Butterscotch Drizzle: Melt 4 tbs. of the butter in a saucepan over medium heat. Add the brown sugar, corn syrup, cream and vanilla. Stir until smooth. Bring the mixture to a full boil and let boil, undisturbed, for 3 minutes. Remove from heat and stir in the
remaining 2 tbs. butter, stirring until melted. The sauce may be served warm or at room temperature and leftover sauce can be stored in a jar in the refrigerator and it will keep indefinitely.

Old Fashioned Apple Pie Topping:

2 tsp. milk
2 tbs. granulated sugar

Pioneer Vinegar Pie

1 c. sugar
2 eggs
2 tbs. vinegar
1 c. water
2 tbs. flour or cornstarch
small lump of butter
1 baked pie shell

Pioneer housewives sometimes ran out of fruit to make pies. Lemons were unknown or impossible to buy, so they made this pie, which tastes almost like lemon pie. In addition to the vinegar, modern housewives may want to add 1/2 teaspoon lemon extract. This is good!

Cook sugar, eggs, vinegar, flour or cornstarch together in a double boiler until it thickens and is smooth, stirring well to prevent lumps. Just before removing from heat; stir in butter and lemon flavoring, if using. Pour into baked pie shell. If desired, pie may be topped with frosting, whipped cream or meringue.

Squash Pie

1 single pie crust
1 (10 oz) frozen pkg. cooked squash, thawed
2 eggs
1/4 c sugar
1/2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 tsp. ginger
1/4 tsp. cloves
1/4 tsp. nutmeg
12 oz sweetened, condensed milk

Preheat oven to 425° F.
Beat eggs lightly in a large bowl, blend in all remaining ingredients.
Pour into pie shell.  Bake for 15 min.  Reduce oven temp. to 350° F. and bake for 40 - 50 min or until pie tests done.  NOTE:  During the last 15 - 20 min you might need to cover outer edge of pie with aluminum foil.

Raisin Cream Pie

Pastry for 2 crust pie
3 c. seedless raisins
1/2 c. sugar
1 1/2 c. light cream
1/4 tsp. salt
2 tbs. lemon juice

Rinse raisins in warm water; drain thoroughly. Put through food chopper,
using medium blade. Add sugar, cream and salt. Heat, stirring constantly,
until sugar is dissolved and mixture thickens. Remove from heat and stir in lemon juice. Pour into pastry lined 9" pie pan.
Adjust top crust; flute edges, cut vents. Bake at 425°F until lightly
browned, 30 to 35 minutes.

Pear Pie

2 1/2  tbs. flour
3/4  tsp. apple pie spice
1/8 tsp. ground cinnamon
1/8  tsp. salt
4  cups pears, peeled and sliced as you would apples
2  unbaked pie crusts
6  tbs. brown sugar
1 1/2  tsp. vanilla extract
1  tbs. margarine
1  tbs. milk
brown sugar

Mix first 4 dry ingredients. Toss with pears. Place in prepared unbaked pie crust. Top with 6 tablespoons brown sugar, the vanilla extract and the margarine. Cover with second unbaked crust. Brush milk and a little brown
sugar on top of crust. Bake 15 minutes in preheated 425° oven. Reduce heat to 350° to 375 ° for approximately 25 to 30 minutes or until crust is browned.

Paw Paw Pie

1 c. sugar
1 c. milk
1 egg
1/4 tsp. salt
1 1/2 c. paw paws, peeled and seeded

Place all ingredients into stew pan and stir together.
Cook over medium heat until thickened. Pour into unbaked pie
shell and bake until the crust is done, can be topped with
meringue or other topping.

Old Fashioned Raisin Pie

Yield: 6 servings

1 recipe for 9" 2 crust pie
1 1/4 c.  water
15 oz. raisins; 1 pk, 3 c.
2 tbs. lemon juice
3/4 c.  brown sugar; firmly packed
1 c . walnuts; coarsely chopped
2 tbs. cornstarch
2 tbs. butter or regular margarine
2 tbs. instant Tang orange drink; *

 * Any type of Instant Orange Breakfast Drink will do.

Divide the pastry almost in half and roll out the
larger half, on a lightly floured surface, to a 13 inch circle.  Line a 9 inch pie plate with the pastry and trim the pastry 1/2 inch beyond the rim of the pie plate.

Combine the raisins, brown sugar, corn starch and drink mix in a 3 quart saucepan.  Stir in the water and lemon  juice.  Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until the mixture boils and thickens.  Remove from the heat and stir in the walnuts. Turn the mixture into the pastry lined pie plate and dot with the butter.

Roll out the remaining pastry to an 11 inch circle.  Place the top crust over filling and trim the edge to 1 inch beyond the rim.  Fold the top crust under the bottom crust and form a ridge.  Flute the edge and cut steam
vents in the top crust.

Bake in a preheated 400° F. oven for 30  minutes or until the crust is a golden brown and the filling is bubbly.  Cool on a wire rack.

Old Timey Dried Peach Custard Pie

2 c. dried peaches
1/2 c. sugar
1 pie crust
1 c. sugar
2 tbs. flour
3 tbs. butter
3 egg yolks
1 c. sweet milk
1 tsp. vanilla
pinch of salt
3 egg whites, beat stiff
4 tbs. sugar
1 tsp. vanilla

Cook. Mash peaches fine. Add 1/2 cup sugar. Cool.
Place in pie shell.
Cream 1 cup sugar, flour, butter. Add egg yolks, milk,
1 teaspoon vanilla and salt. Pour this custard over peaches.
Bake at 350 ° until pastry and custard are well done. Cool.
Add 4 tablespoons sugar and 1 teaspoon vanilla to beaten
egg whites; spread on custard. Brown lightly in oven. Makes
a beautiful custard and is different and delicious.

Zucchini Pie

(this tastes like Dutch Apple Pie)

4 c. zucchini (I use about 6 cups for a fat pie)
1 1/2 tsp. cream of tartar
dash of salt
2 tbs. flour
1 tbs. lemon juice
dash of nutmeg
1 1/4 c. sugar
1 1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1 tsp. butter
1 9" unbaked pie shell

Topping For Pie
1 stick margarine
1/2 c. sugar
1 c. flour

Peel zucchini, cut lengthwise. Scoop out seeds. Slice like apple slices.
Cook 10 in small amount of water, drain. Mix the cream of tartar, salt,flour, juice, nutmeg, sugar and cinnamon with the zucchini. Pour into pie shell and dot with butter. Make topping and crumble over the ingredients in pie shell. Bake at 375º for 45 minutes.

Note:I just had to make this pie to see if it was true.Shore nuff.It tastes like a Dutch Apple Pie.I used a pie crust of butter and lard.Talk about yummy.Trish

This is the crust I used.One of the best I've ever tasted.

Pie Crust with Oleo & Lard
Sister Concepta Marie Nudo
Heart of Illinois Fair
1st place - pies

double crust pie

1-1/2c sifted flour
1/2 tsp. salt
1/4 cup  (4 oz.) lard
6 tbs. oleo
1/4c ice water

Sift together flour and salt. Cut lard & oleo into flour mixture until
crumbs are the size of small peas.  Add ice water a little at a time and
toss with a fork.  Form into ball and divide in half.  Let rest in ice box,
if desired.  Roll out two circles on a lightly floured board to fit a 10"
pie pan.
Note:You can substitute butter for the oleo.

Old Home Peanut Pie

 3 eggs
 1/2 c. sugar
 1/4 c. butter, melted
 1 1/2 c. dark corn syrup
 1/2 tsp. of vanilla extract
 1 1/2 c. of chopped Peanuts (into small pieces)
 9 inch unbaked deep dish pastry shell

Beat eggs until foamy.  Add sugar, syrup, butter and vanilla; continue to beat until thoroughly blended.  Stir in peanuts.  Pour into unbaked pastry shell.
Bake in a 375 ° oven for 50-55 minutes.
Serve warm or cold.  Great with a nice scoop of hand dipped vanilla ice

Sweet Potato Pie

1 (9 1/2 to 10 inch) pie shell
2 c. cooked mashed sweet potatoes (3 medium)
1 tbs. butter or margarine
2 eggs
1 c. evaporated milk
3/4 c. light brown sugar
1/2 c. light corn syrup
1 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
1/2 tsp. ground ginger
1 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 tsp. grated nutmeg
whipped cream for garnish, if desired

Whip butter into mashed sweet potatoes. Beat eggs and
blend with potato mixture. Mix in evaporated milk, brown
sugar, corn syrup, vanilla, ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg. Pour
mixture into pie shell and bake at 375 ° for 35 to 45 minutes.
Serve with whipped cream or Cool Whip.

Southern Cream Apple Pie
 (Makes 2 pies)


22 oz tart apples
1 1/2 c. sugar
1/4 c. flour
3 c. sour cream
2 eggs, beaten
1 tsp. vanilla
2 deep dish pastry shells, 9 inches wide


1 1/8 c. sugar
3/4 c.flour
1 1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 c. butter

(1) Preheat the oven to 400 ° F. In a large bowl,combine the sugar, flour, sour cream, eggs, and vanilla into a smooth mixture.
(2) Core, peel, and chop the apples. Boil them in a small amount of water with a little lemon juice for 3 to 5 minutes until they begin to get tender.
(3) Drain apples and add to the mixture.
(4) Pour into two 9 inch pastry shells.
(5) Bake at 400° F for 30 minutes.
(6) While pies are baking, crumble topping ingredients into a bowl and mix with
a pastry cutter or two knives.
(7) Remove pies from oven and cover with topping recipe.
(8) Put pies under broiler for 1 to 2 minutes until
the topping begins to bubble.


Don't take your eyes off the pies while they're under the
broiler. A moment's inattention can mean burned pie!
If there is any pie left over, the remainder should be

Two Crust Fresh Lemon Pie

1 1/4 c. sugar
2  tbs. flour
1/8 tsp. salt
1/4 c. butter
3 eggs well beaten
1 tsp. grated lemon rind
1/2 c. water
1 fresh lemon peeled and sliced paper thin

Blend all ingredients together EXCEPT the lemon. Pour ingredients in crust lined pie pan. Add lemon slices on top. Cover with
second crust. Brush with water and lightly sprinkle with sugar. Bake at 400 ° for 30 to 35 minutes.
NOTE: Seal crusts together by brushing edge of bottom crust with water before adding top crust and sealing.

Rhubarb Custard Pie

1 unbaked pie shell
2 eggs, beaten
1/2 c. sugar
1/2 c. brown sugar
2 tbs. flour
4 c. diced rhubarb
1/2 c. brown sugar
1/4 c. flour

Blend eggs, white sugar, 1/2 cup brown sugar and flour. Add rhubarb, mix well. Pour into unbaked pie shell. Mix 1/2 cup brown sugar and flour. Sprinkle on top of pie. Bake at 350 ° until fruit is tender (about one hour).

Vintage Sweet Potato Pie

3 or 4 lg. sweet potatoes ( 2 1/2 lb..)
2 c. sugar
1/2 c. butter
4 eggs
1 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 tsp. nutmeg
1/4 tsp. cloves
1 can  evaporated milk
1/2 tsp. salt
2 ( 9 inch)  deep dish pie shells ( unbaked)

Preheat oven and cookie sheet to 375 °. Boil sweet potatoes in water until easily pierced with a fork. Cool slightly. Place cooked and peeled potatoes in a large mixer bowl. Beat with electric mixer until smooth. Stir in butter until smooth. Beat in eggs, one at a time. Mix in spices, salt, and milk. Pour into unbaked shells. Bake on preheated
cookie sheet near center of oven 70 minutes or until knife inserted in center comes out clean. Cool on wire rack. Garnish with marshmallows if desired.

Strawberry Pie

1 cup sugar
1 cup water
6 tsp. cornstarch
3 oz. strawberry Jell-O
1 pint to 1 quart washed and hulled strawberries
1 9 inch baked and cooled pie shell

Bring sugar, water and cornstarch to a boil over medium high heat. Add
Jell-O, stir until dissolved. Cool and then add strawberries. Refrigerate
about 45 minutes or until it starts to congeal. Put in pie shell and cool
completely. Top with whipped cream or ice cream to serve. (Very good in
Cream Cheese Pie Crust)

Orange Meringue Pie

 3 eggs, divided
 1/2 c. sugar
 2 tbs.  flour
 1 tbs. melted butter
 1 tbs. grated orange rind
 1 c. orange juice
 1 9 inch pie shell
 1/4 c. plus 2 tbs.. sugar

 Beat yolks until think. Add 1/2 cup sugar, flour, butter, orange
 rind and juice; mix well. Pour into pie shell. Bake at 450°F for
 10 minutes.  Reduce to 350°F and bake for 25 minutes more or until
 set.  Beat egg whites until foamy. Gradually add sugar, beating
 until stiff peaks form. Spread meringue over hot filling, sealing
 to edge of pastry.  Brown meringue for 10 minutes in a 350°F oven.

Old Time Molasses Pie

  4 eggs, beaten slightly
  1 c. thick dark molasses
  1 c. sugar
  4 tbs. melted butter
  3 tbs. flour
  Sprinkle of nutmeg
  Unbaked pie shell

  Mix all together except the crust.  Pour the mixture into the
  shell and bake in a slow oven at 325 ° for 1 hour.

Pineapple Meringue Pie

 9 inch baked pie crust
 1/3 c. cornstarch
 1/2 c. sugar
 warm water
 grated peel of 1 lemon
 1 tbs.  lemon juice
 4 eggs ,separated
 1 tbs. butter
 8 oz. can crushed pineapple, reserve liquid
 4 egg white Meringue topping (recipe follows)

 Prepare pie crust. Into 2 quart saucepan, measure cornstarch, 1 cup sugar and 1/8 teaspoon salt. Stir together. Mix reserved pineapple liquid with warm water to make 1 1/2 cups. Stir into saucepan, add lemon peel and lemon juice. cook over medium heat, stirring until mixture boils. Remove from heat.

In small bowl with wire whisk or spoon, beat egg yolks, then
stir in small amount of hot liquid. Slowly pour egg mixture into sauce,
stirring rapidly to prevent lumping.Return to heat, cook stirring until
thickened. (do not boil) . Add butter to thickened mixture and stir until
melted and thoroughly blended. Fold in drained pineapple. Blend well. Pour mixture into pie crust. Preheat oven to 400° F, Make Meringue Topping with egg whites. Spread Meringue over filling, touching pie crust. Bake 10 minutes or until golden

 Egg White Meringue Topping:
 4 egg whites
 1/4 tsp. salt
 1/2 c. sugar

 Have egg whites at room temperature. Be sure bowl and beaters are
 clean,dry and chilled. In small bowl with mixer at high speed, beat egg
 whites and salt until soft peaks form. At high speed, sprinkle in sugar, 2
 tablespoon at a time, beating after each addition until sugar is
 dissolved. Rub a bit of meringue between fingers. If it does not feel
 grainy, sugar is dissolved. Whites should stand in stiff, glossy peaks.
 With back of spoon, spread meringue over filling. Seal to pie crust all
 around edge.  Swirl up points to make attractive top. Bake 10 minutes or
 until golden . Cool away from drafts.

Pennsylvania Dutch Shoo-fly Pie

 Pastry for a one crust, 9" pie.

 Bottom part:                            Top part:
 1/2 c. molasses                       1 1/2 c. flour
 1 tsp. soda                                 1 c. brown sugar
 1 c. boiling water                    3/4 c. butter or lard
 Pinch of salt                              1/2 tsp. cinnamon

 Dissolve the soda in the molasses and stir until it foams.  Add the boiling
 water and salt.

 Mix the flour, butter, sugar and cinnamon into crumbs.

Pour  1/3 of the liquid into the unbaked crust.  Sprinkle 1/3 of the crumbs
over the liquid.  Continue with alternating layers,  putting  the final 1/3
of the crumbs on top.

 Bake in a 375 ° F oven for about 1/2 an hour until the crumbs and crust are golden.

               Shoo-fly Pie with a Wet Bottom and a Creamy Top

 Pastry for a deep, one crust, 9" pie.  Whipped cream for `slathering'.

 Bottom part:                           Top part:
 3/4 c. boiling water                   1 1/2 c. sifted flour
 1 c. dark molasses                     1 c. brown sugar
 1/2 tsp. soda                              3/4 c. shortening
                                                    1/4 tsp. salt

 Pour boiling water over the soda in a bowl  and stir in the molasses.  Pour
 into the pie shell.

Mix the  top part ingredients into  crumbs  and  sprinkle over the molasses mixture.

 Bake in a 350 °F oven for 30 to 40 minutes.

 Let it cool and slather it with whipped cream.

Pineapple Split Pie

2 c.  graham cracker crumbs
1/2 c.  melted butter

Press into a 9 x 13 inch glass pan.

2 c.  icing sugar
1/2 c.  butter
1 8 oz. pkg. cream cheese

Cream together and spread over crumbs.

1 12 to 14 oz. can crushed pineapple, drained

Spread evenly over cream cheese. Then spread cool whip over pineapple.
Makes 12 servings. Top each serving with a maraschino cherry.

Sugar Pie

The Art of Pennsylvania Dutch Cooking
Edna Eby Heller

Pastry Shell, unbaked
1/2 cup sugar
3/4 cup flour
1 tbs. butter
1 tbs. lard
2 tsp. baking powder
1 small egg, beaten
1/4 cup milk
1/8 tsp. salt
1 tbs. lemon juice

With your fingers, work the mixture of sugar, flour, butter, and lard into
fine crumbs. Set aside 1/4 cup for top crumbs. To the remainder of crumbs add the baking powder, beaten egg, milk, salt, and lemon juice. Mix well and turn into unbaked pastry shell. Top with reserved crumbs. Bake for 35 minutes at 375 °.

MAKES  1 - 9 inch pie

old recipe

Peanut Butter Cream Pie

1/4 c. butter or margarine
2 c. milk*
1/3 c. sugar
1/2 tsp. salt
4 tbs. corn starch
1/2 c. water
4 egg yolks*
3-6 tbs.  peanut butter*
1 baked 9 inch pie shell or 1 chocolate cookie ("Oreo") crust
Whipped cream or Cool Whip (non diary whipped topping)
chocolate chips

*for a reduced fat recipe, substitute low fat or nonfat milk, 2 whole
eggs, and reduced fat peanut butter

In a large saucepan combine the butter, milk, sugar, and salt.  Bring to
a boil, stirring occasionally.  Meanwhile, in a medium sized bowl,
whisk cornstarch and water until smooth, then whisk in the egg yolks.
Whisk egg mixture into the boiling milk mixture and stir until thick,
over medium heat.  Remove from heat and stir in peanut butter.  Add at
least 3 Tbs.. peanut butter, add more for a richer pie filling.  Pour
into baked pie shell.  Chill and then add toppings when serving, if
desired:  whipped cream, peanuts, and chocolate chips.

Turtle Pie

  4 ounces unsalted butter, plus 3 tbs.
  1   egg
  1   tbs. salt
  1/3  c. sugar, plus 3/4 cup
  1  tsp.vanilla
  1 1/2 c. flour
  7   ounces semi-sweet chocolate 1 1/3 cup heavy cream, plus 1/2 cup
  1   c.pecan pieces, roasted
  3/4  c. dark karo syrup
  1 c. chocolate sauce in squeeze bottle
  Whipped cream in a pastry bag with star tip Fresh mint sprigs
  Powdered sugar in shaker

  Preheat oven to 300 °. For the crust whip together 4 ounces
  butter, egg, salt, 1/3 cup sugar and vanilla together. Add the flour
  and incorporate completely. Form into a ball and turn out onto a
  floured surface. Roll the dough out to 14 inches and 3/4 inch thick.
  Blind bake the shell for 10 minutes in a tart pan.

  For the filling. Melt the chocolate and 1 1/3 cup cream together.
  Pour into the baked shell and chill for 1 hour. Top the ganache with
  the roasted pecan pieces and chill for another hour.

  For the caramel: Combine the karo, 3 tablespoons butter, 3/4 cup
  sugar and 1/2 cup heavy cream. Bring the mixture to a boil and cook
  until the caramel reaches the thread stage, (210 degrees). Allow the
  caramel to cool before pouring over the top of the ganache. Place a
  piece of the pie in the center of the plate. Garnish with chocolate
  sauce, whipped cream, mint and powdered sugar.

  Yield: 12 servings ESSENCE OF EMERIL SHOW#EE2350

Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie 1

1 1/4 c.  sugar
3 tbs.  quick cooking tapioca
3 c.  rhubarb, cut into 1/2 inch pieces
2 c. sliced fresh strawberries
1/4 tsp. ground nutmeg
Pastry for Double Crust Pie
2 tbs.  butter

Stir together sugar, tapioca, nutmeg and dash salt.  Add sugar mixture to rhubarb and strawberries; toss to coat fruit.  Let fruit mixture stand for 15 minutes.  Fill a pastry lined 9 inch pie plate with rhubarb mixture; dot with butter.  Adjust top crust.  Seal and flute edge.  Cover edge of pie with foil.  Bake in a 375 ° oven for 25 minutes.  Remove foil and bake for 25 minutes more or till golden.  Serve warm.  Makes 8 servings.

Strawberry Patch Pie
Serving Size  : 8


egg whites
1/8  tsp. mace
soda crackers -- crushed
3/4  cup chopped walnuts
1 c. sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
1 tsp.baking powder

STrawberry filling-

1 1/2  c. fresh strawberries -- crushed
1 tsp. lemon peel
1/4  c. cold water
1/4  c. sugar
envelope unflavored gelatin
whole -- fresh strawberries

Beat egg whites until stiff. Combine sugar and mace; add 1 T at
a time to egg whites, beating well after each addition. Add vanilla.
Combine crushed crackers, baking powder and nuts. Fold into egg
white mixture. Spoon into buttered 10" pie plate, pushing mixture
to conform to shape of pie plate..
Bake at 350 ° F for 30 minutes. Cool. (This crust is excellent
for chiffon or ice cream pie.)

Combine crushed strawberries, sugar and lemon peel. Soften gelatin
in cold water in pan. Heat gently to melt the gelatin. Add to
crushed berry mixture. Chill until mixture begins to thicken.
Spread half the mixture over the bottom of cooled crust. Add
enough whole berries, stem end down and close together, to fill
pie. Carefully spoon remaining crushed berry mixture around whole
berries. Chill until firm. Serve with whipped cream, if desired.

Strawberry Glace Pie

   9" baked pie shell
   1 c.  sugar
   1/2  c.  water
   6   c. fresh strawberies (1 1/2 qt)
   3  tbs.  cornstarch
   3  ounces  cream cheese -- softened

Bake pie shell.
Mash enough berries to measure 1 cup. Stir together sugar and
Gradually stir in water and crushed strawberries. Cook over medium
heat, stirring constantly, until mixture thickens and boils.
Boil and stir 1 minute. Cool.
Beat cream cheese until smooth; spread on bottom of cooked pie
shell. Fill shell with remaining sliced berries; pour cooked
berry mixture over top.
Chill at least 3 hours or until set.

Peaches Glace Pie: Substitute 5 cups sliced fresh peaches (7 med.)
for the strawberries. To prevent peaches from darkening, use
lemon juice or ascorbic acid mixture.
Raspberry Glace Pie: Substitute 6 cups fresh raspberries for the

Southern Peanut Butter Pie

2 c. milk
1/2 c. sugar
4 tbs. cornstarch
2 egg yolks
1 tbs. butter
1/2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. vanilla

Scald 1 1/2 cup of the milk in double boiler. Combine sugar, salt,
cornstarch in mixing bowl. Add remaining 1/2 cup milk to that mixture; pour into scalded milk.
Cook (stirring) until thick. Slightly beat egg yolks. Add a little of the
hot mixture to the egg yolks first then add the yolks to the custard mixture and cook 2 minutes longer. Remove from heat and add butter and vanilla. Custard should be pretty thick. Chill well.

Peanut Butter Crumbs:
2/3 c. confectioners sugar
1/3 c. peanut butter

Mix together until crumbly. Sprinkle half (better if a little under half
than over) of the crumb mixture in bottom of baked pie crust. Add chilled custard, top with whipped cream and remainder of peanut butter crumbs.

Sour Cream Apple Pie
Contributor:  Pat Zastera

3/4 c. sugar
2 tbs. flour
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1/4 tsp. nutmeg
1/4 tsp. salt
1/2 c. sour cream
2 pounds apples; sliced

Combine first five (dry) ingredients.
Cover bottom of unbaked pie shell with 1/4 of mixture.
Stir remaining mixture into sour cream.
Combine with juicy, tart apples.
Place mixture into pie shell and cover with top pastry.Let rest 10 minutes.
Sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon.

Bake at 450°F for 15 minutes, reduce heat to 325°F, and bake about 45 minutes, or until apples are done.
IMPORTANT:  Cool 3 to 4 hours on rack before cutting.

Snicker's Pie

12 servings


1 1/2 c. graham cracker crumbs
1 tbs. sugar
6 tbs. unsalted butter melted

Heat oven to 350°.  Combine ingredients and press into a buttered  9" glass pie pan. Bake about 5 min.  Cool on rack.  Maintain oven temp.


6 tbs. flour
1/2 tsp. baking powder
1/8 tsp. salt
1/2 c. unsalted butter (cut in pieces)
4 oz  semisweet chocolate. chopped
1 oz unsweetened chocolate. chopped
1/2 c. sugar
1 lg. egg
1 lg. egg yolk
1 tsp. vanilla extract

Sift flour, baking powder and salt into medium bowl.  Combine butter and
chocolates in a double boiler and stir until melted and smooth.  Cool
slightly.  Using and electric mixer beat sugar, egg and egg yolk in a
medium bowl until slightly thickened.  Add vanilla and cooled chocolate
mixture and mix until well blended.  Add dry ingredients and mix until just combined.  Pour into crust and bake until almost set ( about 17 min.)  Cool on rack for 10 min.

Cut up about 8 1/2 oz Snicker's bars and place on fudge layer.


10 oz cream cheese, room temp.
1/3 c sugar
1 lg. egg
1 tsp. vanilla extract

With an electric mixer, combine cheese and sugar, add egg and vanilla and beat until smooth.  Spread mixture over Snicker's and bake for about 15 min. or until set.  Cool on rack.

Melt 2 oz milk chocolate and 2 tbs. whipping cream to drizzle on top.  Refrigerate and serve chilled.

Peanut Butter Pie with Chocolate Crust

1-1/4 c. chocolate cookie crumbs (20 cookies)
1/4 c. sugar
1/4 c. butter or margarine, melted
1 package (8 ounces) cream cheese, softened
1 c. creamy peanut butter
1 c. sugar
1 tbs. butter or margarine, softened
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1 c. heavy cream, whipped
Grated chocolate or chocolate cookie crumbs, optional

Combine crust ingredients; press into a 9 in. pie plate. Bake at 375°F for
10 minutes. Cool in a mixing bowl, beat cream cheese, peanut butter, sugar, butter and vanilla until smooth. Fold in whipped cream. Gently spoon into crust. Garnish with chocolate or cookie crumbs if desired. Refrigerate.
Yield: 8-10 servings.

Sawdust Pie

 1 9 inch pastry shell
 1 1/2 c.flaked coconut
 1 1/2 c. graham cracker crumbs
 1 1/2 c. chopped pecans
 1 1/2 c. sugar
 1 c. egg whites; (6 to 7)

 Line a pastry lined, 9" pie plate with a double thickness of foil.
 Bake in a 450° oven for 8 minutes. Remove foil. Bake for 4 to 5
 minutes more or until golden.  Cool on a wire rack.  Combine coconut,
 graham cracker crumbs, pecans and sugar in a large bowl. In another
 bowl, beat egg whites just until foamy; add to the coconut mixture.
 Mix well. Pour into the prepared pie shell. Bake, uncovered, in a
 350° oven for 35 minutes or until set. Makes 8 servings.


We'll be back with lots more "receipts" as soon as we can.Thankee much for stoppin' by.

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