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We all have memories that linger from childhood.Some are happy,some are memories that taught us lessons,some just reflect the way of life those many years ago.I hope you feel free to share them .A new friend of mine,Jack (Grey Squirrel) has been so generous with his material .His recollections,tall tales,stories and humor reflect a talent appreciated by everyone.I am very honored that Jack has allowed me to present his material.My sincerest gratitude is sent to you,Jack.


Let Me Introduce Myself and My Wife

"My wife and I are Blackpowder re-enactors and at most rendezvous, I enter the cooking contests. I also put on a seminar at these events and teach dutch oven cooking if there is enough time.  We also help at a yearly
grade school Fall Fest where I bake rolls and apple fritters and make a LARGE stew (about 10 gallon) over an open fire with the help of my wife and 2 daughters.

This year I plan to do some storytelling for the school children as I have gotten into Indian Legends and am looking for more of them.  Also tell a TALL TALE or two if the children are old enough to understand them as such."

"I got my name while at a name ceremony at a rendezvous in Wisconsin several years ago. The Indian who named me said it was because I was always moving around like a squirrel hunting nuts in the Fall and also my
gray beard."

"My Indian friend who gave me the name GREY SQUIRREL has been visiting me the past couple of days and gave me the Indian name for Grey Squirrel. It is Ne Quay and pronounced NEE QAY."

"My wife's name is KIPAHNA. Pronounced   Ki (as in kicked) PAW   NUH .It means "Woman calling to a child".  She was in charge of kid's games one year at a rendezvous and she was always calling for the children to play in the games.  (She has a carrying voice) "

I belong to the Brown Bird Society of which there are probably less than two dozen whites that have been asked to join it.  We wear a medallion that is worn around the neck on a string of beads.

The following explains a little about the society and the medallion. Indian and non-Indianbrothers and sisters who are dedicated to the keeping and preserving the "old ways" of our native American people.  We try to adopt people who are true of heart and of good character.

The Quail in the center represents our Creator
The pipe on the back represents Grandfather sky
The base represents Grandfather Earthmother
The buffalo represents Grandfather North
The eagle represents Grandfather East
The mouse represents Grandfather South
The bear represents Grandfather West

 --Grey Squirrel

Tall Tales Legends
Remembering back Remembering the Comics
Cookin' with Grey Squirrel Now For Your History Lesson


September 26,1999

 Now that the farmers are picking corn I have heard some pretty good stories.  Seems that one of the farmers was saying that the kernels on his corn were so so big that he used one kernel for a table top.   Now I could believe this but he had to exaggerate and say that he could seat 6 people around it.

Now my neighbor almost went broke as he had to hire to many men with chain saws to cut the corn down.   I am sure glad that they do this during the day as all those chain saws going sure make a lot of noise.

My neighbor decided to check  to see how dry the corn was a few rows back from the edge.   Took him 2 days to find his way out. His own fault as I told him to take a compass.

I decided to plant potatoes yesterday but the dust was so thick that all my potatoes got picked up by the wind and got planted a quarter mile down the road.  Sure was dry.

 Now those pumpkins are easy to get to the canning factory.   Just mount wheels on them and away you go.  Big money in the seeds as you can use them for shingles on your house.   Also they make pretty good blackboards for the kids but they are to heavy to pick up so you have to mount them on a wall.

The popcorn is looking good but a woman down the road pulled a stupid stunt.  Seems that she put more than 6 kernels in her popper and she wound up with her entire house filled with popped corn.  To top it off, she ruined a new vacuum cleaner as one of the kernels plugged up the vacuum before she could get it shut off.

The big thing around here is to have snowball fights using popcorn.
They won't throw as far as a regular snowball but at least you don't get hurt when they hit you.
Went fishing down in Florida but was only catching small ones.  Man told me that the BIG ONES were in the middle of the lake but they only bit on worms.  Bought a bucket of worms and borrowed a row boat.  I rowed and I rowed and I rowed and finally got to the middle of the lake.  BOY WAS I TIRED.   Got my rod all set up and reached for the bait.  NO BAIT.  Must have left it the dock.   BOY I WAS TIRED .Looked over the edge of the boat and here came a snake with a BIG worm in its mouth.  I reached in my tackle box and got out my half pint of GOOD Scotch that I carry for an emergency.  I poured a capful out and poured this down the snakes throat and grabbed the worm from him.  The snake swam away and I cut the worm in little chunks.  Got the boat half full of BIG FISH and ran out of bait when I looked over the edge of the boat and here was the snake back with a worm in its mouth.

Caught a small Bass last year and took it home.  I decided that I would see if I could train it so I put it in a big tank and each day I let a little water out until finally there was no water left.  The fish jumped out of the tank and began following me around like a dog.  One day I happened to go over a wooden bridge over this stream.  The fish followed over the bridge but fell through one of the cracks.  He fell into the water and  DROWNED.

 I was told that the mosquitoes get so big in Minnesota that a man tied his cow and calf out in a pasture.  A mosquito came along and ate the cow up and then rang the cow bell for the calf.
Heard tell that two of them could whip a dog and four could whip a man.

Is it true that in your neck of the woods; people collect mosquito wings to use for fans?

The wind gets so bad around here that when we go kite flying we use a log chain for a tail.

I planted 10 acres of popcorn last Spring but it got so hot that Summer that the corn popped on the stalk.  The ground was completely covered for a half mile around.  My chickens saw all that corn and thought it was snow so they froze to death.  Well I cleaned those chickens and packed them in the popcorn to keep them frozen and sold them in the next state.

Decided to raise Macaroni but couldn't find enough people to bore the holes in them.

I mentioned to you about getting on top the house to see across the corn field. Last Spring  my brother and I were planting corn and he got tired and sat down over one of the seeds.  I wasn't paying any attention but by
the time I had gone a couple hundred feet I heard my brother yelling.
Had to go get a 20 foot extension ladder to get him off the top of the stalk.I have often thought about getting on top of one of those stalks and sell roasting ears to the airplanes as they pass by.

We grow some pretty good size pumpkins around here but we can't pick them.  Instead we cut a big hole in the side of one and then build a scaffold to cut out the inside.  The neighbor grows them so big that he drives a team of horse with a wagon into one to do his harvesting.

We don't dare get any dirt in our pockets because if a seed happens to drop in your pocket it will sprout before you can get it out.  This is a good way to lose your britches in this part of the country especially if you are planting pumpkins.

I really got a good spanking one time from my Dad.  I had planted several rows of cucumbers and decided to run our horse across that field.The cucumbers grew so fast the horse got his leg stuck in them and broke it.

My Dad planted turnips one time and they grew so fast that he climbed on top of one.It grew so fast that he dropped his hammer and it took 10 minutes to hit the ground.

I love to hunt squirrels so one morning I waited for a bunch of squirrels to leave the tree and go to the corn crib.  I cut down the tree and then went to the corn crib and banged on it.  The squirrels headed for the tree and went about a hundred feet into the air before they realized that there wasn't any tree there.  They fell to the ground and
broke their necks and I got 9 squirrels without firing a shot.

It gets cold up here and one day my brother and I decided to slide down a BIG icicle. We went so fast that our britches caught on fire so we never did it again.
Gets so hot up here that the small trees get under the big trees so they can stay in the shade.

Went hunting the other day and shot a goose. He fell into a tree killing a squirrel which dropped down and killed a rabbit sitting under the tree.  I ran to get them and slipped and fell into a small pond.  By the time I got out I had 15 nice fish that had fallen into my pants.
Sure had a good meal that day.



There was long-billed blue and white bird who was constantly finding fault with every bird but he was the one who was actually doing everything wrong.  He tried to build a nest in a small tree and the limbs would break from the weight so he built his nest on the ground and the rains would wash it away.

The bird would scream at the other birds and abuse them verbally and steal their food as he was to lazy to catch his own food and this made the birds and animals very angry.  They  finally decided to complain to the GREAT SPIRIT as they were slowly starving and could not provide enough food for their families.

The GREAT SPIRIT looked down on this bird and decided that he would punish this bird so he called him to the great council and decreed that from that day forth the bird would build his nest on the side of cliffs
or high banks.  Because he was always screaming his voice would become harsh and for food he would hunt only for fish as he had a long bill that looked like a spear.

He would be known as the fish king.  The other birds and animals were overjoyed at this decision and this is how we got the ................. KINGFISHER.

Hope that you like this story as it is an original.    Grey Squirrel
Added June 5,2000.

There was once a white bird that was jealous of the other colorful birds and kept wishing that he was pretty like them.  One day he looked up into the sky and started wondering about the clear blue sky so he flew up into
the sky and flew higher and higher and he slowly turned bluer and bluer until finally he was satisfied and dove towards the earth.  A cloud had formed and he had to fly through it and when he did the cloud became angry and so the cloud began causing lightening and thunder to appear.  After the bird got through the cloud; he found that he had white
on his body from the clouds and the lightning caused black streaks to form on his body.  This is how we got the BLUE JAY.
Cheyenne legend

There was a tribe of Indians that lived in a valley next to a herd of Buffalo.  There was also a beautiful bird that also lived there.  Every time the warriors went to hunt the buffalo the bird would fly up and warn the buffalo that the Indians were coming to kill them and the buffalo would flee.  Slowly the tribe of Indians were starving to death until a
warrior decided to do something about it so one night he went out on the prairie and dug a hole.  He got into the hole and covered it with grass and limbs and then placed some bait on top.  The next day the bird saw the bait and landed on top of the trap.  The warrior grabbed the beautiful bird and tied a string around its leg.  He then threatened to
punish the bird but the bird begged and pleaded that he would never warn the buffalo again so the warrior released him.
The beautiful bird flew into the air and then laughed at the warrior and said; "I lied to you, I lied to you.  I am going to warn the buffalo."   The warrior then pulled the bird down from the sky by the string and told the bird that this time he would be punished.  The warrior built a smoky fire and turned the beautiful bird over and over in the smoke and this is how we got the  CROW.
Cheyenne legend

There was once an Indian couple who lived in the North.  The warrior was a trapper who trapped Beaver in a lot of different ponds in the Winter.  One day when he returned from checking his traps the warrior heard his wife calling.  She had grabbed a beaver by its tail and told her husband to kill it.  He told her that he could not do this as he had
already trapped just so many in this pond and that if he killed anymore then the rest would flee. She released the beaver but became very angry.

 That night after the warrior had gone to sleep; she ran from the lodge.  The next morning when the warrior awoke he noticed that she was gone.  He noticed her tracks in the snow and followed them.  After many miles he noticed that her footprints gradually changed.  At last they became the trail of a skunk and he noticed that there many skunks in the
area.  When he returned to his people; he called this "The Place of the Skunk."   This is the Ojibwa meaning for CHICAGO. The Menomini have a similar story but Chicago stands for "WILD ONION" in that tale as it was a marsh filled with wild onions.

There was an Indian tribe on a stream that were slowly starving to death because they could not canoe up or down the stream to get supplies as there were two HUGE flying insects (big as a long house) (size of a semi trailer)  that watched each end of the stream.  Whenever the villagers ventured forth the  insects would eat the canoers.  The village finally
decided to attack these monsters so they made up a lot of arrows and launched their attack.  Each time an arrow hit the insects; a  bunch of small objects came out of the holes.  The monsters were both killed but
the SMALL OBJECTS were MOSQUITOES and that is why they bite us today as revenge for their parents.

Remembering back:

September 26,1999

DO YOU REMEMBER putting up 4 long poles at an angle and then planting poles beans at the base of them?   Sure did make a nice little playhouse for us kids when they got tall enough.    The same for corn stalks in the fall.

Did you ever walk behind a horse drawn plow in your bare feet?    Oh how good that felt or walking in the mud after a rainy day and feel the mud squish up through your toes or hearing a rooster crow right after the sun came up.    Then there was the first good snowfall and making snow ice cream and then when we got a thaw you could watch the sun glisten from
the icicles with all the pretty colors of the rainbow and listen to the drip drip drip of the water from them.

 Remember  the agony of putting on your shoes in the Fall after going barefoot all Spring and Summer?  Going swimming in the creek which was all of 6 inches deep or laying on your back in the deep grass and watch the V of ducks and geese as the went South.  The bark of a squirrel off in the distance and the Bluejays chattering away as you wandered through
the woods.

March 24,1999

When I was quite young my brother and I used to "pilfer" some of my Granddad's OLD NORTH STATE smoking tobacco.  We would go out in the corn field and using a twig we would shove the tobacco down the center of a horse weed and smoke away.  We had not yet learned how to "roll your own. "
(Note from Trish:My young uncle and I "pilfered" some of my grandpa's Prince Albert and did the same thing one time.We coughed for an hour.My grandpa's tin was safe from me after that.)

I REMEMBER: When my father-in-law and I went fishing overnight and the mosquitoes were REALLY VICIOUS.  My father-in-law kept making fun of me so I got in the car and locked the doors and went to sleep.  Naturally I wouldn't let him OR the mosquitoes in later that night.

I remember the time that a buddy and I cut down a bee tree.  His mask got knocked off and his head swelled to 1/4 again larger than normal from the stings.  Afterwards he decided to eat some of the honey.  Never did see a man get sicker from the honey and sting reaction.

I remember when I was about 15 and shot a squirrel which fell into a crotch of the tree about 15 foot above the ground.  The tree was about 3 feet thick ,but I managed to climb it but when I went to reach for the squirrel and I proceeded to slide all the way to the ground.  I still don't understand why I didn't break a leg.  This story makes me:

REMEMBER about the time that my older brother and I went squirrel hunting and the same thing happened.   I stood at the bottom with the guns while he climbed.  He started to reach for the squirrel and it jumped up and ran down his back and down the tree.  I still remember him yelling: DON'T SHOOT   DON'T SHOOT.  I was laughing so hard that I couldn't even lift the gun.

I am now laughing so hard over that last one that I gotta quit for now.

When a body of a car outlasted the engine.
When 25 cents took you to two movies and still have enough left to get a
bag of popcorn.
When gas was 16 cents a gallon.
When parents hung a star in the window to show that their husband or
son(s) were in the service  (WW ll).
When you saw a tumbling bug in a dirt road rolling a horse dropping in
the dust. (They laid their eggs in the dropping)
When you could go to the country and bag your limit of game in less than
two hours.
When an old man was over 40.
When a parent or a teacher could spank a child.
When you could go away overnight without locking your house up.
When just anybody could work on a car with just a handful of tools.
When a doctor made house calls.
When we learned penmanship with a pen that you dipped into real ink and
the desks had a hole to hold the ink bottle.
And I remember that I was left handed and got that ink all over my arm.
I remember:going on my first rabbit hunt with the GROWN-UPS.I was 14.

I remember:that we went to Southern Illinois and I got my single shot 16 gauge and loading it.And I remember my dad taking it out of my hands,unloading it and putting it back in the trunk.I especially remember him telling me to go through the motions of loading the gun.I remember it was pointed toward my uncle.Not a word was said but I have never forgotten this lesson.

I remember when I was 16 and went to a carnival on the edge of my hometown and I remember watching the strip tease girls or what was known as hoochy coochie girls and I remember my mother giving me a quarter to go inside where,as promised,the only thing they were wearing was the smile on their face.I guess that my mother thought this was the easiest way to get my birds and bees education.

I remember :my older brother and I eating wild parsnips and broke out in hives and I remember mom calling the doctor because she thought we might have the measles and who charged her $2.00 for the visit.Oh----I remember the whipping we got.

I remember:coming home on furlough at Christmas and was not expected.I don't remember if Mom was glad or not because there wasn't anything under the tree for me.

I remember:the sadness I still feel when I hear the song "Mona Lisa".I remember that this was my closest friend's favorite song who was killed in Korea.

I remember:catching crabs in the Atlantic Ocean with a piece of raw meat.I remember the taste of them after they were cooked.

I remember:marching in the rain and fireworks going off to make it sound like a battle and I remember that every time we tried to march around a mud puddle we were pushed into them by the Drill Instructor.And I remember a man named Bizey who always slept under his bed during breaks so that it would be ready for inspection.I remember how we tied his shoelaces together and I remember how one night we took all the springs out of his bed and tied it back up with string.

I remember:our 7th week pass and going to town and talking a civilian into getting us some beer, and I remember going to the city park and hiding in the bushes to drink it ,and I remember every time a car went by we were scared half to death .I remember it was Lone Star Beer.

I remember: hocking my bicycle for $10.00 so I could go on my first REAL date and I remember taking her to the Junior-Senior Prom.I remember that she eventually became my wife after several years had gone by.

O how I Remember the way back past but can't remember what I was thinking about five minutes ago .

Remembering the Comics

I remember:the comic books of the 30s & 40s.The Spector,Action,Captain Midnight,Terry and the Pirates,Merman,Chief Wahoo,Little Orphan Annie,Jiggs,Dick Tracy and Red Ryder.

I remember:that the Chief Wahoo strip eventually became known as Steve Roper.I remember Steve Roper was blonde and came from a rich family.He was flying over the desert when the engine quit.When he managed to land,he met Princess Minnie Ha Chas who was Chief Wahoo's daughter.His family refused to let him marry her as the Indian was disliked during that time period.

I remember:Red Ryder who was a western cowboy and had a child Indian companion named Little Beaver.They eventually came out with a Red Ryder BB gun.

I remember Merman who was an underwater Prince and ruled an underwater city named Merland.He could stay on land for one hour before he had to return to the water.I remember that he had small wings or fins on his ears and his heels .

I remember:that Terry and the Pirates were Chinese but Terry was white and American and they used a special built Chinese junket for their escapades.

I remember:Captain Marvel who was a boy and when he said SHAZAM,ther was a flash of lightning and he became an adult.I remember SHAZAM stood for:S was for Socrates;H was Hercules;A was Atlas;Z was Zeus;A was Aristotle and M was for Mars.They were all Greek Gods which gave him super powers and intelligence.

I remember:that the Spector was a light cream color and wore a green hooded cloak.

I remember:the Captain and the Katzenjammer Kids.The Captain was a fat Dutchman and the boys ere twins ( one was blond and the other was black haired)who were about 10-12 years old and always playing pranks on the Captain,who in turn put them both across his knee and spanked them both at the same time.

I remember:we used to trade comics.One for one or 2 or 3 used ones for a new one.(Note from Trish:we did this in Mc Roberts,too.We had hard and fast trading rules--took it quite seriously.The more popular the comic hero,the better the trade value).

I remember:the little 4x5 books called "Little Paperbacks" that had a picture on one side and writing on the other page.They were never too popular with us boys as they were bulky to carry and too much reading in them.They may have been called Little Giant Comic Books but not sure which.
Think what those are worth today! (Note from Trish:I have a friend who is a collector from early childhood.He has the original Red Ryder comics,BB gun in the original box,etc.Al has been offered a fortune.But,he remembers through these items and always refuses.)

I remember that it is time for you to start REMEMBERING.

I  remember: using a two holer but I never liked the catalogs as they
had slick paper  and I can remember my Dad driving a WHOLE 40 miles for a reunion and putting a 100 pound block of ice on the front bumper so that we could make ice cream that day.  OH THE THINGS THAT I REMEMBER in the 30's & 40's.

I remember: the time that my mother took me to a funeral in Summun, IL. I was probably less than 5 years old and mom made me touch the face of
this dead woman. This bothered me for several weeks.

I remember: when Dad and I went fishing and I was about 5 or 6.  Dad
found a snake in a small tree and forced me to hold the snake.  I was
terrified and believe that is why I am scared of snakes to this day.

I remember: when I was about 12 and going dove hunting by myself with a
410 shotgun.  I noticed that if I walked upwind that the doves would fly
into the wind and then turn back.  Killed 5 with 6 shots.  Probably the
best shooting that I ever did.

I remember: I was about 13 and the pedal came off my bicycle with the rod remaining and it was Winter time.  While peddling the local newspaper; my foot slipped of the pedal and cut a deep gash in my leg.  I went on to school but the teacher sent me home when she noticed the blood on the floor.  Mom bandaged it up and it healed within a week or so.

I remember:  I was about 12 and I was pouring gas on my bike to burn the paint off.  I didn't realize that there was still a spark and the next
time the gas exploded on my left hand.  I carried the scar for over 20
years.  Again my mother came to the rescue with good old Raleigh Salve.

I remember: while in Basic Training I was the 3rd highest out of 60 men
in rifle shooting.  I lacked 3 points of making EXPERT rifleman (192 out
of 200). This was probably my biggest disappointment while in the service.

I REMEMBER: the little things that are comical yet tragic in some
respects like the time my father, who was a "snuff" man, spit out the
window of his car.  We were going to a reunion and I was sitting in the
back seat with the window down.  I had a white shirt on and you can guess
that the "snoose" went on my shirt.  Mom laid the law down and from then
on my Dad carried a small can under the seat to spit in. 4/13/99

  I REMEMBER the time my Dad caught a real big fish in the river.  The
bank was slippery from a recent rain and I insisted on putting the fish
on the stringer but I slipped and dropped the fish into the water to keep
from falling in.  Boy was Dad mad.  Maybe he thought the fish was better
than myself at that time?    Ha Ha   4/13/99

I REMEMBER the time that I was playing with some snapping turtles that
Dad had caught and one nearly bit my finger off. (I still carry the
scar).  I killed the turtle and buried it and used the excuse that I had
cut my finger on some glass so that I wouldn't get a whipping. 4/13/99

Note:Grey Squirrel,thank you for sharing.I remember how Raleigh Salve was the cure all for almost everything.I am looking forward to lots more stories.

A note from Trish:
Way before I had ever heard of a television,I remember listening to radio programs.The Whistler scared me to death,but of course,you couldn't have pried me away with a crowbar.I was seven years old when my dad took me with him to visit a friend who was quite wealthy.Much to my amazement,there was this box with moving pictures in it.My dad's friend convinced him to buy us a television, and he would provide the antenna hookup which had to be on top of the mountain.

Our house was full every night and those who didn't fit into the house,sat on the front porch and the steps,peering inside the door to watch this amazing television.As long as I lived at home,though,television was for entertainment during the winter months.The spring and summer found us children outside or in the hills playing.We weren't allowed to stay in the house when the weather was nice.I think our folks had something there.That now seems a million years ago.

Cookin' with Grey Squirrel

Fried Pies Jack's Chili
Cinnamon Toast Coffeecake One Pot Meals
Elephant Stew  Earthworm Patties
Hominy Bread Calf's Head Pudding 
Rhubarb and Dandelion  Pie Yum-a-setta
Bar-B-Q-Ham Burgers 'N' Vegetables
Root Beer Cake Mock Apple Pie
Corn Pudding  How to Boil Water (for new brides)
Rice Bread Sponge Cake
Lemon Fluff

A regular contributor to My Front Porch,Grey Squirrel,has generously
shared some of his recipes .His stories can be found on Mountain Memories.

This is a recipe that my oldest daughter sent to me.   Real good if you like lemon and I DO.   Jack

From: Frances

Lemon Fluff

1 small box lemon jello
1 cup sugar
1 1/4 cup boiling water
rind and juice of 1 lemon
1 small can milnot

1 package graham crackers
3/4 cup sugar
1 stick margarine

Dissolve Jello and sugar in boiling water stirring very well.  Add rind and juice.  Refrigerate until consistency of raw egg whites.
Chill bowl, beaters and milnot.  Whip Milnot to whipped cream fluffiness.

Whip Jello mixture until fluffy.  Add Jello mixture to whipped Milnot and mix well.

Pour into prepared crust. Chill several hours until set.
Makes 1 13 X 9 or 2 pies.

Grey Squirrel writes:
Here are a couple of recipes from "HOUSEKEEPING IN OLD VIRGINIA" published in 1879 that might prove of some interest to you.


1 pint sweet milk
1 teacup boiled rice
2 cups sifted corn meal
1/2 teacup melted butter
3 eggs beaten separately
1/2 teaspoon salt
Bake in a very hot oven, using butter iron muffin molds.

Reserve some cabbage from dinner. Set it away till next morning. Chop
fine, season with pepper and salt, and fry brown with a slice of fat

12 eggs
Their weight in sugar
The weight of 7 in flour
Juice of 1 lemon
1 tablespoonful good vinegar
Beat the whites, beat the yolks and sugar; add the whites, beat well; add
the flour. and after adding it, do not beat it longer than required to
stir it in; then add the lemon and vinegar, just as you put it in the
tins or molds. When cake is hot, lemon sauce is nice to eat with it.

 Beat the whites of 3 eggs and three quarters pound of sugar till well
mixed. Stir in blanched almonds, cut fine.  Drop on tins and bake in a
cool oven.

  Have a batter of made of eggs, flour, etc., as for tripe. Split the
feet into convenient shapes and fry in hot lard. Pour some vinegar over
them while frying.

  Clean the birds as for stuffing. Rub with butter, salt, and pepper. Put
in sheets of letter paper and allow to cook in this way.

  Pick open and carefully wash one dozen or more birds. Place them
between the folds of a towel, and with a rolling pin mash the bones quite
flat. Season with salt and a little cayenne pepper. Either fry or broil
on a gridiron made for broiling oysters. This must be done over a clear
fire. When done, season, put a lump of butter on each bird and serve hot.

  Hope that these recipes whet your appetite.  Until next time.  Jack
(Grey Squirrel)

*A reed bird is another name for a member of the blackbird family,the Bobolink.

Here is one more that came from a recipe book written in 1929.

2 c. canned whole corn
2 eggs
1 tsp. salt
1/8 ts pepper
2 TB melted fat
2 TB sugar
3/4 c. scalded milk

Chop the corn. Beat eggs slightly and mix all ingredients together.
Pour into a greased pudding dish and bake in a 350 F. until firm.  Serves
Note: For a pleasing variation, add 1/2 cup chopped walnuts and 2
teaspoons grated onion.

Fried Pies

3 cups flour
2 ts. baking powder
1/2 ts. salt
1/2 cup shortening
2 eggs
1/2 cup milk
1  can any pie filling
powdered sugar

Sift together the flour,baking powder and salt.Cut in shortening until it looks like coarnmeal.Beat eggs with milk and then add to the flour mixture until it is combine.Divide dough into 16 portions.

On lightly floured surface roll each part into a 6 inch circle.Place a spoonful of the filling in the circle.Moisten edge with water;fold in half; and with a fork,press edges to seal.Fry or bake.

To fry: Deep fry about 4 minutes,turning once or fry in  1/2 inch of oil in a fry pan until golden brown,turning once.Sprinkle with powdered sugar.

To bake:Place on a tin or baking sheet.Brush tops with a little milk;sprinkle with some granulated sugar.Bake for 15 minutes at 400 degrees or until brown.

Jack writes--This took 2nd place at a rendezvous.I made some with cherry and some with apple filling.I plan to use crushed pineapple the next time.

Jack's Chili

2 1/2 lb. roast,cut into 3/4" pcs.
1 1/2 lb. hamburger
1 qt. tomatoes
3 cans hot chili beans--15 1/2 oz.
1 can lima beans--15 1/2 oz.
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 qt. water
2 tsp. cocoa
2 tbs. chili powder or to taste
1 tsp.salt
3 stalks celery (chopped up)
1/2 cup chopped onion
1/4 c. chopped green pepper

In a large 12 quart pan,brown hamburger,drain and set aside.Brown roast chunks.Blend chili powder and cocoa together and add enough tomato juice to make a thin paste.All ALL ingredients to meat and cook for 1-2 hours,stirring occasionally.Makes 6-8 quarts.Note: This chili has a rather mild taste so add more chili powder if you like it hot.One cup of barbecue sauce may be added.

Jack writes: My wife doesn't care for this one as it has a tendency to be a little on the sweet side.A couple of ground jalapeno peppers might make a difference.I prefer making chili the day before and letting it set overnight in the fridge as it improves the flavor.

Note from Trish--I have several recipes that I like making the day before because they also are better after standing.

Cinnamon Toast Coffeecake
Yield--4 servings

2 cups flour
1 cup sugar
2 tsp. baking powder
1 cup milk
2 tsp. margarine (melted)
1/2 cup margarine (melted)
1 1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1 tsp. vanilla
1/2 cup brown sugar

In a bowl,combine 1 cup sugar,flour and baking powder.Blend with milk and 2 teaspoons of the melted margarine.Spread in greased 10 x 15 pan.Bake for 10-12 minutes at 425°.
Remove from oven and prick with fork over the entire cake.Mix remaining ingredients and pour over cake.Return to oven and bake for about 5 minutes more or until done.

Jack writes--Everybody likes this one.

One Pot Meals

Yield servings

Basic Recipe:
2 lb.. hamburger
1 med. onion,chopped
1 med. green pepper,chopped and seeded
Salt and pepper

Cook ingredients together until meat is browned.Add below ingredients according to the recipes you want.

Let any of these simmer slowly 20 to 30 minutes,stirring occasionally until thick enough to server.

Campers Stew:  Add 2 cans vegetable soup.

Hungarian Hot Pot: Add 2 (1 lb.) cans pork and beans.

Chili:Add 2 cans chili or kidney beans,2 cans tomato soup and chili powder to taste.

Spanish Rice: 2 (4 1/2 oz.) boxes Minute Rice,2 cans tomato soup,3 1/2 soup cans of water.

Italian Chop Suey:  Add (1 lb.) cans spaghetti with tomato sauce and 6 oz. grated cheese.

Elephant Stew

1 elephant,medium size
2 rabbits,optional
Brown gravy
Salt and Pepper to taste

Skin and cut elephant into bite size pieces.Add enough brown gravy to cover and cook 14 hours at  410 °with lid on.Remove lid and continue to cook for additional 20 minutes.If it appears that more than 3800 people will attend,you may add two rabbits.(Note--Do this only if necessary as most people do not like to have hare in their stew.)

Earthworm Patties

1 1/2 lb. ground earthworms (see note)
1 /2 cup butter,melted
1 1/2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. lemon rind
1/2 tsp. white pepper
2 tbs. soda water
1 egg,beaten
1 cup dry bread crumbs
2 tbs. butter
1 cup sour cream

Note:place worms in flour for 24 hours to purify,boil for 10 minutes and then grind.

Combine earthworms,melted butter,lemon rind and salt and pepper.Stir in soda water.Shape into patties and dip in beaten egg,then in bread crumbs.Place in heated butter and cook for 10 minutes,turning once.Place patties on hot serving dish.Serve with heated sour cream on top.

Jack writes--Never tried this but it is an authentic recipe.I was told that you can use crushed worms in the place of pepper.

Note from Trish--I'll take your word for this one,he-he.

How to Boil Water (for new brides)

2 cups water
Carefully place 2 cups water in pot.Then place pot on stove and cover.Turn on heat to high.Water is done when bubbles form.

Jack--this sounds like me when I first got married.

 Was going to transplant some strawberries today as I got my garden
tilled yesterday but lo and behold we got a pretty good shower this
morning so now I am confined to the house.  Plan to bake a root beer cake
this afternoon but in the meantime I will get this off to you.
Here are a couple more recipes from my 1879 cook book.

Mix with two teacups of hot hominy a very large spoonful of butter.
Beat two eggs very light and stir into the hominy. Next add a pint of
milk, gradually stirring it in. Lastly, add half a pint of corn meal. The
batter should be of the consistency of rich boiled custard. If thicker,
add a little more milk. Bake with a good deal of heat at the bottom, but
not so much at the top. Bake in a deep pan, allowing for space for
rising. When done, it looks like a baked batter pudding.

 Skin the head, take out the brains. Thoroughly wash, then soak the head
one night to extract the blood. Put on in cold water and boil five or six
hours, or until the bones are ready to drop out. Pick it very fine,
taking all the bones out; the add the liquor in which it was boiled, one
tablespoon butter; four eggs well beaten; one small piece of lemon or
pickle; one onion if liked; pepper and salt.
Lay the brains over the top and bake. Bread crumbs are an improvement.The liquor seasoned makes excellent soup.


Here is a different kind of recipe for you to try next Spring.  Found it
in one of my old  cook books.From Grey Squirrel

Top & bottom crust for 9-inch pie
1 c. dandelion petals
3 c. rhubarb chopped into small squares
1 c. sugar
3 Tbs. flour
1 Tbs. butter

Preheat oven to 400 DEG. Lay one crust on the bottom of pie pan.  In a
bowl, mix rhubarb, sugar, dandelion petals and flour.  Pack into pie
shell.   (This makes a tall pie)
Cut the butter into tiny pieces and add.
Cap with a top crust and pinch the edges together. Cut 4 slits in the
top so steam can escape.  Bake for 45 minutes, or until the top crust is
light brown and pink juice bubbles from slits.  When cut; pie will look
pink and yellow.  From Grey Squirrel

This is my wife's favorite recipe when we have company.  I am the only person that we have found that didn't go wild over it.Grey Squirrel and KIPAHNA.


2 lb hamburger                          1 pkg. egg noodles (16 oz)
1 TB brown sugar                        1 pkg. Velvetta (8 oz)
1/2 med. onion (chopped)            1 can Cream of Chicken soup
1 can tomato soup                        salt & pepper as desired

Brown hamburger with salt & pepper, brown sugar, and onion.  Add tomato soup.  Cook noodles, drain and add Cream of Chicken soup to noodles.
Layer hamburger mixture and noodle mixture in casserole dish with cheese between layers.  Bake at 350 DEG. for 1/2 hour.  This makes a large batch.  I freeze what is left into individual servings and microwave as wanted.

1/2 c. onions (chopped up)           2 TBS. Vinegar
1/3 c. celery                                 2 TBS. brown sugar
1 c. catsup                                     2 TBS. butter
1/2 c. water

Mix together in saucepan and simmer.

1 lb. chopped or shaved ham

Serve hot on a bun.  (I wonder how this would work with SPAM???)From Grey Squirrel


1 lb ground beef                        2 ts worcestershire sauce
1/4 c. chopped onion                  1 sm. can carrots (drained)
1/2 ts. salt                                 1 lg. can green beans (drained)
1 dash of pepper                        1/3  soup can of water
1 can GOLDEN mushroom soup

Mix thoroughly beef, onion, salt, pepper, and 1 ts Worcestershire sauce.
Shape firmly into 4 patties.  In skillet, brown patties and then pour off
excess fat.
Add beans and carrots on top of patties.  Mix water with soup and 2nd
teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce and pour into skillet.
Cover; cook over low heat about 20 minutes or until patties are done;
stirring occasionally.

We have found that the GOLDEN MUSHROOM SOUP works the best rather than the regular mushroom.


1 c. sugar                                      3/4 ts root beer extract (NOTE)
1/2 c. margarine - softened        2 eggs
2 c. flour                                       1 Tb baking powder
1 ts salt                                         2/3 c. root beer
NOTE:  Root beer extract may be found at most Kroger stores.
Be sure to refrigerate extract as it will lose its flavor after a period
of time

Combine all ingredients and blend for 3 minutes.   Pour into a greased &
floured 8X12 pan.  Bake at 375 DEG. for 30 - 35 minutes.   Let cool and
butter with frosting.

1/2 c. soft butter                             1 1/2 c. powdered sugar
1 ts root beer extract                      pinch of salt
1 to 3 TBS. root beer soda pop

Mix well and spread on cake above. Frosting may be used on other
cakes.From Grey Squirrel

We won 2nd place at a rendezvous with this recipe.  It does not leave an
aftertaste on the roof of your mouth like vinegar pie does. Tastes like
real apple pie.


Pastry for 2-crust 9" pie
36 Ritz crackers -COARSE crumbled    2 Tb lemon juice
2 c. water                                                 1 ts grated peel of lemon
1 1/2 c. sugar                                           2 Tb margarine
2 ts Cream of Tarter                              1/2 ts cinnamon or apple pie spice

1. Place 1/2 of crust in 9" pie pan.  Place crackers on crust
2. Bring water, sugar, and cream of tarter to boil.  Reduce and simmer
for 15 minutes.
3. COOL SYRUP, then pour over crackers.
4. Dot with margarine and sprinkle with cinnamon OR apple pie spice.
5. Roll out remaining pastry & place over pie.  Seal and flute edges.
Cut slits in top to allow steam to escape.
6. Bake 30-35 minutes at 425 DEG. or until crust is golden.

1 c. Crisco 1/2 c,boiling water pinch of salt 3 c flour
Mix shortening, water, & salt with fork until fluffy. Add flour all at
once and stir until it leaves the sides of the bowl.Roll between 2
sheets of waxed paper.Makes enough for 2 crusts. From Grey Squirrel

*Just finished reading an article that the sap from the BOX ELDER tree is a good substitute for regular maple syrup.  If this is true; then that is about all that it is good for as it doesn't even make decent firewood. Grey Squirrel


 Mountain Memories Part 2

Until next time,like Grey Squirrel says--start Remembering!


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