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Folklore of Flowers and Herbs

Hidden deep in the forests of the mountains,fairies of all sort dart among the flowers,singing their magical songs.Here are some herbs and flowers that may hide them.Be very,very quiet.

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African violet Such worth is rare
Anise Aphrodisiac
Basil Romance
Apple blossom Preference
Bachelor's button Celibacy
Bay Change in dying
Bracken Fern seeds that were gathered in the middle of summer were of a gold color and were thought to make someone who wore them invisible and also would bring them gold.
Broom Humility
Burdock Importunity
Buttercup Childishness
Camellia Good luck gift to a man
Caraway Wards off thieves, keep lovers faithful
CarnationRed Ardor
Carnation Pink A woman's love
Carnation Deep Red Alas,for my poor heart
Chamomile "All who know you will love you"
Chrysanthemum (red) "I Love You" 
Chrysanthemum Other color:Slighted love
Chrysanthemum White:Truth
Chamomile Energy in adversity
Clover  For good luck; gives a person 
clairvoyant powers
Columbine Folly
Crocus Cheerfulness,gladness
Coriander Hidden worth
Cardamom  "Knowing exactly what to say." Will bring peaceful thoughts
Catnip Relieves colic in babies Amulet for courage
Chapparal Aids in healing skin blemishes, acne, arthritis & allergies
Chives Protection, Healing
Comfrey Aids in healing respiratory ailments, anemia, arthritis, fractures
Coriander Hidden Merit, Aphrodisiac, Geranium, Scarlet: Consolation
Daffodil Innocence

Forget-me-not True love
Fuchsia Fast
Gardenia Secret, untold love
Honeysuckle Bonds of love
Ivy Friendship, fidelity, marriage
Jasmine Amiablity, transports of joy, sensuality
Leaves (dead) Melancholy
Lilac Youthful innocence
Lilly of the valley Return of happiness
Lilly Purity, sweetness
Magnolia Dignity, perseverance.
Marigold Jealousy
Mint Virtue
Orange blossom Your purity equals your loveliness
Orchid Beauty, magnificence
Pansy Thoughts
Peach blossom I am your captive
Petunia Your presence soothes me
Poppy Sleep
Rose, any color Love
Rose, deep red Bashful shame
Rose, single, pink Simplicity
Rose, thornless, any color Early attachment
Rose, white I am worthy of you
Rose, yellow Decrease of love, rise of jealousy
Rosebud, white Girlhood, and a heart ignorant of love
Rosemary Rememberance
Sunflower Haughtiness
Tulip, red Declaration of love
Tulip, yellow Hopeless love
Violet, blue Faithfulness
Violet, white Modesty
Zinnia Thoughts of absent friends

 Dedicated to Kay-the best little sister in the world.

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