The pages listed below are the result of a lot of good people,doing a lot of tedious,hard work to present their sites.Each person has been gracious and helpful in allowing their links to be placed here.I thank them so very much..If you don't visit 'em,you're missin' out on a lot of good things.
Home Pages
My Favorite People to Visit
(and they didn't pay me to say it,either)Rats!
Les Kincaid's Life Styles.Well done site of Food-Wine-Golf .I think you will enjoy the way he has combined these three things into an easy to navigate page with lots to interest you.

Visit ConnieQ to find  really terrific links to some of the best recipes around.
Hillsweb--Appalachian Magazine 

Blair's World--Wonderful mountain pictures.Warm and welcoming mountain people.Note:There has been a new page added to this site about quilts.Did it ever bring back memories.You have to see the pictures of the beautiful piecework!!

Sandy has put a lot of work into her new site.There are authentic southern recipes she has used over the years.You'll love the homey,welcome feeling of this site.
You will enjoy the pretty lighthouses and lots of good camping information plus a lot of other great information.Her lake and snow applets are to die for..Besides that,Linda and Dan are wonderful hosts.Tell 'em Trish sent you.
My sister,Sue,has her new Kuntry Koop open for business.Ya'll come.Folksy page with "receipts" you can eat and enjoy.
This site is without a doubt the most enchanting page I have seen.I never tire of visiting ,and know you will agree after seeing the lovely work that has gone into this site.

Mary's Cozy Corner--Lovely page to see and you'll find a lot of carefully chosen cooking links plus  Mary's Weekly Recipe swap.You can subscribe to  her Bisquick Recipe list.You'll also find information about gardening, music links,and many more wonderful things of interest.I know you will want to bookmark this site.
I am so indebted to Tadpole Tunes.Ron really understands the beauty of Bluegrass Music and has provided me with wonderful midis.He has written and composed a lot of original music.Visit his site for the best midis around.I can honestly say Ron's music was the inspiration in designing this site.

I think you will enjoy your visit to Taney's World.Tell her Trish sent you after you check out her goodies.

Her code and tutorial taught me how to make applets.Really nice lady.Great page to boot.

Michelle's Page--Michelle has put a lot of work in locating sites that deal with women's issues.She also hosts five email newsletter that I know you will enjoy.Give her a visit and tell Michelle Trish sent you.
Wolfhawke's Designs--You will find wolves, Native, Dragons, misc writings, and links to fonts, graphics, midis, etc. on this lovely page.
Di's Country--huge page of links to good recipe sites,music links,grab bag and sooooooooo many more nice things to offer.I know you will find something you enjoy at this site.
Shaboom's Kitchen--You'll fall in love with this site on your very first visit.Excellent site for some of the best cooks and recipes on the Internet.Give Carol a visit and tell her Trish sent you.I have been honored by being the guest chef twice at Shaboom's Kitchen and thank Carol for the honor.

Always a fun site with lots of goodies to cook.

Katy is a lovely lady who is busily adding to her site.Go over and have a cup of coffee with her .Tell her to save me a cup.

Anita's Recipe Oasis-Besides excellent recipes of her own,Anita has done a tremendous amount of work locating over 400 excellent recipe sites.I'm sure this will be a page that you will keep bookmarked.
Last but not least,a special thank you to the newsgroup alt.binaries.clip-art for all the beautiful graphics they have shared with me .

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